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Oceans Pools

Le 27 janvier 2020

I was moved by the intelligence behind these ocean landscapes created by Sydney-based architect, artist, and designer Nicole Larkin. Creating a pool on a waterfront which could be regarded as dangerous, using concrete structures built to the retain the water at high tide at night, at a moment when these waters are dangerous and cover the most of the coastline. Then as the sun rises the tides lower and ocean water is retain behind the structure forming an artificial pool of salt-water in the daytime and in this way creating a community amenity that’s sustainable and with minimal maintenance, no need for chemicals just a clever design and a deep understanding of the ocean. 
The creation of these pools shows a profound understanding of nature and how it works and putting it to one’s advantage. Here Nicole Larkin is capturing ocean pools along the coastline with this ingenious method of play between the phenomena of high and low tide and further to this she also allows the breaking waves to find their way into the pool by over flow or strategically located compensation basins and openings assuring its purity, as if we were back to the basics of science and nature.  

Here she has taken advantage of the context and given it a higher meaning and with minimal effect to the environment. Bearing in mind the issues of global warming and the rise of the sea level the modification of the future of the coastline and the stronger winds, what to do now? The debate is open.